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What is Aircraft Recognition?


The definition of aircraft recognition is "Aircraft Recognition is a visual skill taught to military personal and civilian auxiliary to help identify different aircraft and its capabilities since the introduction to military aircraft in World War I." This basically means that since the outbreaks of war, air forces around the world needed to recognise the different aircraft of their enemy's. For example, the raf must be able to tell the difference between a spy plane and a commercial jet liner.

The aim of this site is to encourage people to take up this skill and help them recognise many aircraft. Of course you are very unlikely to use this aircraft recognition skill in a combat situation. The skill has grown beyond the use of war, and is now considered a hobby. Civilians like you and me are most likely to use this skill at an airport or an air show.


Some individuals don't even consider it to be a skill or never thought of it in such a way. Aircraft recognition is a growing hobby. It's an interest that many aviation enthusiasts love and adore. Aviation is growing and so is the need to recognise it. Thus aircraft recognition skills are needed!

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How can I develope my skills?

Why Lean AR?

Many people around the world have a negative view on learning which shouldn't be. Learning should be fun, exciting enjoyable and interesting - without any of these, learning becomes harder.

Many people are led to beleive they have a bad memory because of this and feel stupid. This is not the case. Poor learning/education = poor results. To overcome this and get good results, these two things are needed for successful learning:

1. Interest

2. Fun/enjoyment

This makes the whole process of learning that little bit better and easier. We've all had that one teacher in school that we didn't like. Mine was my maths teacher. I used to hate her. Because of this, it led to poor results because I could not learn.

The same applied with aircraft recognition. If you don't have an interest and find it fun or exciting, you won't succeed. Aircraft recognition takes a lot of determination - It's not something you can pick up easily. It requires a lot of hard work and commitment.

Aircraft recognition is a growing skill that many enjoy. Most do it for the thrill and enjoyment of identifying a aircraft. This has turned the once military aid into a world wide recognised skill.