A free online aircraft recognition guide for everyone!


One of the main purposes of this website is to help you recognise different aircraft. Therefore I have added and I am continuously adding new aircraft pages. On these pages you will find a description, images and tips on how to recognise it!

I have separated aircraft into these categories. Once you choose a category, the relevant aircraft should then appear for you to choose. Once you have chosen the necessary aircraft you will find some information on it. What you will find is that each aircraft on this website has it's own information to help you recognise this aircraft such as 'Features' and 'Variants:' Also included is a brief description/history of the particular aircraft. This information (if read) will benefit you greatly in your aircraft recognition skills. 

If the aircraft you're looking for doesn't fit into a category below why not try searching for it? Or you can just choose a manufacturer from the list below...

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