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Competition tips


In a competition SPEED is crucial! Most competitions have a time period of around 3 seconds! That's not much time at all to be looking at everything! So what should you look for? What tips can I give you?


1. Use your time

Use all the time you have for each aircraft. You don't want to miss something then suddenly realise it's gone!


2. Look everywhere!

Since you only have a limited amount of time, you need to make sure you don't miss anything. You don't want to miss out a valuable piece of information such as its engines!


3. Airlines fleet

This is where knowing airlines aircraft fleet comes into most use! Know these and it can be a great big help!


4. Don't panic!

Panicing will only cause you to rush your answers. Slow and steady wins the race. (but of course write as fast as you can)


5. Get a good seat!

Tip number five is to get a good tip as this could mean the difference between winning and losing. You want to make sure you've got a good view of the board. You shouldn't sit too close to it or too far, somewhere in the middle where you'll get a good view.


6.Engine placement and size

Always a good tip for recognising an aircraft is the placement of the engines and the size of them. I.E 717 V 777


7. Landing gear

One of my biggest tips in recognising aircraft is to use the landing gear as a reference. Count the number of wheels to help make your decision.


8. Experience

Experience is everything when it comes to aircraft recognition, the more the better. Be sure to build on your experience quite often to improve your skill.


9. Winglets or no winglets?

Some aircraft have them, some don't. This can help you distinguish between aircraft and help you name the plane!



Use as a free online tutorial site to help expand your knowledge in aircraft recognition!