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How to recognise Helicopters?

Our guide - Helicopter aircraft recognition

Helicopters come in all shapes and sizes from the Schweizer 300 to the MI-26. It can sometimes become very difficult to identify these helicopters so hopefull this guide will help you!

1. Rotor blades are always a good place to start when trying to identify a helicopter. If possible, count how many blades it has. This will help you determine the helicopter type.
2. Shape, believe it or not is the next most distinguishable feature to use on a helicopter to help identify it. The shape of the helicopter is the main body and therefore should help with its identification.
3. Size matters. We all know that! How big/small is the aircraft. A good tip to help determine this is to count the number of windows/engines.
4. Wheels or skids? Next we would recommend looking for the type of landing gear used on the aircraft.
5. Tail rotor - encased or not? The tail rotor should be the next feature your should look for.
6. Twin boom? Does it have one, two or even three booms in some cases?
7. Twin rotor? Some helicopters like the chinook have twin rotors.
8. Number of engines? Twin turboshaft engines are quite common on helicopters these days but can also be found with one or even 3 turboshafts.



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