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Hurricane UK


The Hurricane's arrival in the frontline in December 1937 saw the raf make the jump from biplane to monoplane fighter, the aircraft owing much to Hawker's ultimate biplane design, the Fury. The Hurricane also benefited from Hawker's partnership with Rolls-Royce, whose Merlin 1 engine proved to be the ideal powerplant. Toting eight machine guns, and capable of speeds in excess of 300 mph, the Hurricane 1 was the world' most advanced fighter when issued to the raf. Although eclipsed by the Spitfire come the summer of 1940, Hurricanes nevertheless outnumbered the former by three to one during the Battle of Britain, and downed more Luftwaffe aircraft than the Supermarine fighter. Even prior 1 its 'finest hour', Hurricanes provided the first raf aces of the war in France during the Blitzkrieg. In 1941 the type was used in the Mediterranean and North Africa, before seeing action in the Far East against the Japanese. It remained in the frontline in the latter theatre until vj-Day, despite production having ceased in September 1944.



Engine: Rolls-Royce Merlin II/III

Thrust: 1030hp

Length: 31ft 5in

Span: 40ft 0in

Max speed: 324mph

Range: 600 miles

Aircrew: 1

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Hurricane Hurricane