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How can I get better at aircraft recognition?

1) Buy a book - I would definetly reccommend Jane's Aircraft Recognition guide if you are looking to further improve your skills. It has over 500 aircraft inside and is really easy to understand. It helps you by pointing out some key feature on each aircraft, and also contains a bit of background information on the aircraft. Overall a very good book!

2) Use this site - This site has been aimed at helping people improve on their aircraft recognition skills without the need of any other resoucre. Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide is something I reccommend but is not essential, and you should be able to get a similar result by using this website. If this site hasn't helped you one bit with improving your air rec skills then let me know why so I know where to improve. Hopefully it has and you've learned about some of the key features of an aircraft and how to recognize them.

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