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Landing Gear

The landing gear can sometimes be a very useful feature of an aircraft to use to help identify it. That is if it's deployed of course. In some cases the landing gear is fixed and this helps determine the aircraft.


So what should you be looking for on the landing gear? What's going to help you identify the aircraft by looking at the landing gear?


First of all the location of the landing gear is very important. Secondly, what type of gear is it? How many wheels does it have?


For commercial aircraft, it's easy to remember and count the number of wheels on unique aircraft. For example, which aircraft is likely to have more wheels on it's landing gear, 737 or 747?


For aircraft with fixed gear (usually smaller aircraft) it is easier to remember the shape of the gear and perhaps the number of tyres. Also don't forget the position of the landing gear as many lighter aircraft have them positioned in different places.


Main gear Nose gear Fixed gear
Main gear - large commercial aircraft
Nose gear - large commercial aircraft
Fixed gear