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Online tips



Trying to recognise aircraft online can sometimes be very hard to do, but then again it can aso be very easy to do! A lot depends on the image your viewing.


Here are some of my tips which will hopefully help you identify aircraft online...

1. Get the best image!

Image quality is everything. Size matters. The bigger the image the better.


2. Colour

Colour vs Black and white? Which would win?


3. Quality

A good quality photo is obviously a lot better than one that isn't. HD images show a lot of detail, with nice crisp images so that should make it easier to identify!


4. Image placement

What exactly are you seeing in the image? Can you see the whole aircraft. Obviously try and get a full size picture and not one of just the landing gear...


5. Time

What's the rush? Take your time whilst identifying aircraft online. Obvious right?


6. Airlines fleet

This is where knowing airlines aircraft fleet comes into most use! Know these and it can be a great big help!


7. Don't miss anything

When you look at a aircraft, what should you look for? You need to look everywhere on the aircraft and be sure not to miss anything that could help you determine what the aircraft is. Here's what you should be looking for


8. Airlines fleet

A very handy tip is to learn the fleet of airlines. Bmi Baby only operate 737's for example. A useful way in helping identify that aircraft.


9. Experience

Experience is everything when it comes to aircraft recognition, the more the better. Be sure to build on your experience quite often to improve your skill.



Use as a free online tutorial site to help expand your knowledge in aircraft recognition!