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Ok so teaching you how to improve your aircraft recognition skill is not going to be easy! In fact it will take a lot of time, commitment and dedication. Different people have different levels of knowledge depending on their experiences, so right now please choose a difficulty based on your level of knowledge you feel is right... Or you could click here to go to the interactive aicraft parts page. Select a part and learn more about it and how it can be used to recognise aircraft!


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Fighter Pilot

Fighter Pilots




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Air Cadets

Air cadets



On each page you will find a some information about the aircraft, specifications, tips on how to recognise the aircraft and a few pictures of the aircraft.



I don't know too many aircraft but would like to learn more. I know that the two largest commercial airline builder competitors are Boeing and Airbus. I do not know their aircraft. Beginners will be taken to the commercial aircraft section.




I know a fair bit of aircraft but still need to expand on my knowledge. My knowledge in the commercial section is up to standard. I need to expand my knowledge into military aircraft.




I consider myself to have a good understanding in aircraft recognition. My skills are of advanced level and I am aware of many commercial and military aircraft. I need to expand my knowledge in helicopters.


Air Rec For Air Cadets!

Are you an air cadet looking to improve your skills? Got an upcoming competition? Find tips and advice here!


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