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1. Take your time observing

- Don't feel rushed into recognizing the aircraft. Take as long as you want to fully observe all of it's features. Rushing will only make you miss something. So my number one top tip when recognising aircraft is to take your time. Don't rush yourself and weigh all options as to what it could or couldn't be. The is especially useful in competitions!

2. Don't miss anything

- When you look at a aircraft, what should you look for? You need to look everywhere on the aircraft and be sure not to miss anything that could help you determine what the aircraft is. Here's what you should be looking for

3. Study

- It is vital that you improve on your skill somehow, whether that's by building on experience, through books or online help. If you don't know what to look for in an aircraft, then there's no point trying to name the aircraft in the first place. Ways to improve your skill


4. Experience

- Experience is everything when it comes to aircraft recognition, the more the better. Be sure to build on your experience quite often to improve your skill.


5. Airlines fleet

- A very handy tip is to learn the fleet of airlines. Bmi Baby only operate 737's for example. A useful way in helping identify that aircraft.


6. Wheels

- Something I do quite often when I'm stuck is count the wheels on the main landing gear. (Sometimes the wheels aren't there) For example I know that the Boeing 777 has 6 wheels on each main gear.


7. Winglets or no winglets?

- Some aircraft have them, some don't. This can help you distinguish between aircraft and help you name the plane!


8. Cockpit windows

- Some aircraft offer limited view through the cockpit window while others offer mor visibility. I.e Airbus A350 777


9. Engine placement and size

- Always a good tip for recognising an aircraft is the placement of the engines and the size of them. I.E 717 V 777



Use as a free online tutorial site to help expand your knowledge in aircraft recognition!