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Where to use Aircraft Recognition?

It's not hard to believe that many people don't see the point in Aircraft Recognition. Luckily, you and I do!


Aircraft Recognition has many uses and it's definition suggests one of them. The definition of aircraft recognition is "Aircraft Recognition is a visual skill taught to military personal and civilian auxiliary to help identify different aircraft and its capabilities since the introduction to military aircraft in World War I." Today it is used in more areas than just military. Here's some of them below (hopefully you don't feel you're alone now, there are many other people like us)



Pilot may be expected to use aircraft recognition whilst flying. They need to be able to seperate aircraft apart.

Fighter pilots

What aircraft recognition was primarily 'invented' for was fighter pilots. They needed to be able to distinguish between friendly and foe. It's no good shooting down the wrong plane!

Air Traffic Control

It is very important air traffic contollers that are able to recognise different aircraft. Imagine being an air traffic controller at Heathrow airport and not knowing a single aircraft?